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Latin numerals

Roman symbol: I

The number 1 in writing is:

ūnus, -a, -um­


Numeral adverb (1 times):

Distributiv (1 each):


Many Latin numerals are declinable as the cardinal numbers, the ordinal numbers and the distributive numbers. The iterative numbers are adverbs and are not declined.

There are many possibilities for the writing of Latin numerals. As example an "et" (=and) often is inserted.
For the numerical adverbs (Iterativa) the ending "-s" (as here) as well as the ending "-ns"are used.

All integer numbers between zero and 10 000 are translated to their words in Latin. Numbers bigger than 10000 are not translated. Roman numeral symbols are calculated for all numbers smaller than 4000.
The input may be given in exponential form. The integer numbers may contain blanks, apostrophes ('), dots or commas as delimiters (examples: 2 974 or 2'974 or 2.974 or 2,974). This makes the input by copy/paste easier.

Written numerals to look-up:

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- German
- Italian
- Latin
- Spanish

Written numerals for playing and learning:

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