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Latin: Words without flection

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Adverbs Prepositions Conjunctions

bistwo times, twice
terthree times
quaterfour times
quīnquiēs (quīnquiēns)five times
sexiēs (sexiēns)six times
septiēs (septiēns)seven times
octiēs (octiēns)eight times
noviēs (noviēns)nine times
deciēs (deciēns)ten times
ūndeciēs (ūndeciēns)eleven times
duodeciēs (duodeciēns)twelve times
quattuordeciēs (quattuordeciēns)fourteen times
sēdeciēs (sēdeciēns)sixteen times
duodēvīciēs (duodēvīciēns)eighteen times
ūndēvīciēs (ūndēvīciēns)nineteen times
vīciēs (vīciēns)twenty times
duodētrīciēs (duodētrīciēns)twenty-eight times
ūndētrīciēs (ūndētrīciēns)twenty-nine times
trīciēs (trīciēns)thirty times
duodēquadrāgiēs (duodēquadrāgiēns)thirty-eight times
ūndēquadrāgiēs (ūndēquadrāgiēns)thirty-nine times
quadrāgiēs (quadrāgiēns)forty times
duodēquinquāgiēs (duodēquinquāgiēns)forty-eight times
ūndēquinquāgiēs (ūndēquinquāgiēns)forty-nine times
quīnquāgiēs (quīnquāgiēns)fifty times
duodēsexāgiēs (duodēsexāgiēns)fifty-eight times
ūndēsexāgiēs (ūndēsexāgiēns)fifty-nine times
sexāgiēs (sexāgiēns)sixty times
duodēseptuāgiēs (duodēseptuāgiēns)sixty-eight times
ūndēseptuāgiēs (ūndēseptuāgiēns)sixty-nine times
septuāgiēs (septuāgiēns)seventy times
duodēoctōgiēs (duodēoctōgiēns)seventy-eight times
ūndēoctōgiēs (ūndēoctōgiēns)seventy-nine times
octōgiēs (octōgiēns)eighty times
duodēnōnāgiēs (duodēnōnāgiēns)eighty-eight times
ūndēnōnāgiēs (ūndēnōnāgiēns)eighty-nine times
nōnāgiēs (nōnāgiēns)ninety times
duodēcentiēs (duodēcentiēns)ninety-eight times
ūndēcentiēs (ūndēcentiēns)ninety-nine times
centiēs (centiēns)hundred times
ducentiēs (ducentiēns)two hundred times
trecentiēs (trecentiēns)three hundred times
quadringentiēs (quadringentiēns)four hundred times
quīngentiēs (quīngentiēns)five hundred times
sexcentiēs (sexcentiēns, sescentiēs)six hundred times
septingentiēs (septingentiēns)seven hundred times
octingentiēs (octingentiēns)eight hundred times
nōngentiēs (nōngentiēns)nine hundred times
mīliēs (mīliēns, mīlliēs, mīlliēns)thousand times

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