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Latin: Words without flection

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Adverbs Prepositions Conjunctions

adfatim (affatim)enough, plenty
aliquotiēnsmultiple times
ferē (fermē)nearly, almost, about
impendiōa lot
īnstarsame, as good as, as big as
modoonly, just now
nimistoo much, extremely
partimin part
parumtoo little
paulātim (paullātim)little by little
paululum (paullulum)a little, very little
paulum (paullum)a little
pauxilluluma tiny little bit
pauxilluma little, very little
pēne (paene)almost
penitusdeeply, completely
perhīlumvery little
pernimiumfar to much
perpauxillumvery little
pusilluma little
satillumenough of
sēcius (sētius, sequius)less, not as good
tantummodoonly, merely
totiēns (totiēs)as many times

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